Fr. in a recent lawsuit are not true. Donato Infante III has been named the chaplain for St. Paul DiocesanJunior-Senior High School, Worcester while remaining diocesan vocation director andco-director of Holy Name of Jesus House of Studies, Worcester. of Youth Services. It was started by Father Benedict Kiely, an organization advocating for Christians facing persecution in the Middle East.[18]. The Rev. The priest's history was the subject Since 2002, allegations of abuse led to the Worcester District Attorneys office being notified, according to the news release. Jalbert died in May 1994 at age 58. Norman Rev. leave. He said that the Alliance taught subjects that violated Catholic teachings. When Reilly retired in 2004, John Paul II appointed Auxiliary Bishop Robert McManus from the Diocese of Providence to replace him. According to a news release from the diocese, most of the substantiated claims involved abuse of boys; less than 25% of the substantiated claims involved abuse of girls. Going back to Texas, as much as I bleed Eagle green, I bleed burnt orange even more [since I was 6], so you may see me walking around with a Longhorn backpack. Martineau was scheduled to be transferred to a new parish to benefit from the tutelage of a seasoned pastor because of concerns over boundary issues with a minor, and for other pastoral issues. Until late March, 1980 to 1983. James S. Mazzone has been appointed diocesan priest personnel director. Clements was ordained in 2012. Cooper vested him at his ordination and preached at his first Mass, according to The Catholic Free Press. a civil suit filed this week in Worcester Superior Court. Hudgins grew up in Billings, Montana, but moved to Virginia after the death of his father. Peter and Paul in Providence, Rhode Island. that Rev. Mahoney allegedly masturbated in front of the boy before pinning him down on the bed and attempting to have sex with him. (8/1/2002), Rev. in Worcester Superior Court. Father Engo will continue in ministry in the Diocese of Helena, Montana. After retiring from military chaplaincy, he served at Jesuit High School of New Orleans, then St. George Parish in Worcester. I am convinced a single list will not accurately reflect the various concerns and outcomes, McManus said. The retirement of Father William F. Sanders, pastor of St. Louis Parish in Webster, means that St. Louis will now have an administrator. WORCESTER Following a review of all cases of sexual abuse of minors since the establishment of the Diocese of Worcester in 1950, the diocese reported Friday that it had identified 173. The diocese is concerned about covering priest retirement deficits because of a variety of circumstances, the bishop reported in his letter: the diocese currently owes $17 million to the DEF (diocesan bank); Partners in Charity came in approximately $700,000 below goal this year; the COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected collections with a concomitant reduction in the cathedraticum; and the . Father Clements also presided at a Mass at St. Kathryn soon after his ordination. in 1991. You enabled me to be a pastor for the first time. Rebokus, a former state police chaplain, was headmaster there. Have a news tip? All | He is the center of who we are, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, we earnestly pray to become more like Christ. Ive seen Worcester not have records that you would expect to see with regard to allegations against various priests, and thats distressing, Durso said. More than half of the allegations deemed credible involve 12 clerics. Robert Doe was 10 years old; both were altar boys at St. Hedwig's. Deacon Paul and Stephanie are very pleased to make St. Theresas and their grandchildren the focus of their retirement. All | The updated report is deceptive because the Diocese of Worcester has a history of discouraging clergy sexual abuse victims from reporting the sexual abuse, refusing to reasonably validate their claims through even minor compensation and refusing to recognize that clergy sexual abuse victims who were sexually abused in the 1990s and later are for the most part currently much too young to report having been sexually abused. Martineau has been on leave since January; the diocese announced the results of its investigation Monday, with Bishop Robert J. McManus ruling on the case. As rector, Father Cano succeeds Msgr. by grand jury on three counts of unnatural rape of a child and three The grooming included showing the boy pornography magazines and making sexually suggestive comments. Thomas E. Mahoney. "[13][14] On October 12, 2012, the diocese sold the property to a different buyer. The Diocese of Worcester is headed by a bishop who has his see at the Cathedral of Saint Paul in the city of Worcester. The confidential to trial. I look forward to helping this community reach heaven to be with the Father. Rev. That does not stop the diocese from responding to the victims.. He made his first profession of monastic vows in 1990 and was ordained a priest June 5, 1994. There are people who are drawn to those positions, either consciously or subconsciously, because they will have the ability to get access to kids.. What started out as a 3-year enlistment ended up as a 20-year career, and he retired as a senior chief petty officer. (2/9/1993). As the Catholic Church across the country and worldwide comes to terms with a legacy of the sexual abuse of minors, it has become relatively common for dioceses to release the names of the priests who were found to be involved. misconduct occurred when he was 14 and 15 years old, from 1983 to He then graduated from the University of Virginia in 2007 after studying history and economics. Devlin, who was also diocesan pro-life activities director, was pastor Michael G. Foley, is retiring. Worcester paper publishes two stories relating allegations of several (6/8/2002), Rev. The updated report is a self-serving document created on behalf of the Diocese of Worcester which has allowed the wholesale sexual abuse of children for decades, Garabedian said. More:Phil Saviano, Douglas native who blew whistle on clergy sex abuse, remembered as a hero. You have been subscribed to WBUR Today. A Roman Catholic Diocese that covers central Massachusetts has published a new report about clergy sexual abuse of minors between 1950 and 2022, but unlike similar reports released by many other dioceses, the report did not include the names of the priests who were found to have committed abuse. Popes | And thats because you know that it is unlikely that a person who is in a position of authority who abuses somebody will limit himself to one victim. Mexico and Texas in the 1970s and 80s. that Reilly himself was involved in any sexual misconduct. Alleged to have "sexually molested numerous young parish children" Two women who allege that Rev. He will also serve as diocesan master of ceremonies with residence at St. Paul Cathedral Rectory, Worcester. during the 1970s. Both priests left active ministry without addressing their parishioners in person but rather by leaving letters that were published in the parish bulletins after their departures. J. Conte. Also, priests may substitute for one another at a particular parish. The suit involving Rev. provided him with enough money for a down payment on a house for We do this together through the power of the Holy Spirit! [22] The plaintiff alleged that Reverend Thomas E. Mahoney, a diocesan priest, had groomed and abused him and other boys in the early 1970s in Worcester and Boylston, Massachusetts. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. They arrested McManus 20 minutes later at his family home in Narragansett. Cooper said that he was leaving for family reasons and would be 200 miles away: I'm not able to get into all of the details of what is going on, but there are many concerns with health (not mine, but others), with family dynamics, and with ministry that have to be addressed. Twelve priests are being named pastors. at the Vatican, was removed from his pastorship at St. Mary's parish Rev. The diocese has refused to publish the names of accused priests. that Auxiliary Bishop George E. Rueger of the Catholic Diocese of There are also first-time administrators, and associate pastors for parishes currently without one. Ronald Provost -- Sentenced A Roman Catholic Diocese that covers central Massachusetts has published a new report about clergy sexual abuse of minors between 1950 and 2022, but unlike similar reports released by many other dioceses, the report did not include the names of the priests who were found to have committed abuse. WORCESTER - The Diocese of Worcester has announced several new clergy assignments. Father Nelson J. Rivera, pastor of St. Joan of Arc Parish in Worcester, will succeed Father Escudero as pastor of St. Denis. time, had been told of abuse in one of the cases and did not act There were 52 diocesan priests who were accused in the area of the diocese, with one of those priests belonging to another diocese. The diocese consists of Worcester County in central Massachusetts. Another said he Shauris, the Rev. 1985, he said. The self-serving updated report is a paid for snow job which revictimizes clergy sexual abuse victims and further indicates the insensitivity of Bishop McManus. He conducted spiritual retreats at St. Joseph by the Sea Retreat House in New Jersey and in the Worcester Diocese. The diocese said the matter has been referred to the state Department of Children and Families and to law enforcement. They also noted a significant age gap, the two priests being somewhere between 2030 years apart. the Worcester Catholic Diocese and the Rev. Of the credibly accused priests, 36 were dead as of December. Two additional men say they were sexually assaulted by the Rev. Necrology (7/13/95) Dana L. Vyska, of Pittsfield, Months after Clements' ordination, the two priests went on vacation together to Ireland, posting pictures of their travels on St. Kathryn's Facebook page, where Cooper was pastor. [9] On May 4, 2012, the college agreed to disinvite Kennedy, but also disinvited McManus, stating that his presence at the ceremony would be a "distraction". in Leominster; the Rev. He attended St. Agnes grade school, Bishop OConnell High School, and Dartmouth College, majoring in history. also sexually assaulted him. Thiago DaSilva will be associate pastor at St. George Parish, Worcester. adolescent boy up as a sex partner for himself. Rev. parish in Oxford. Clements said that his departure was based on old wounds that resurfaced and needed to be addressed: Many of you know, that this parish, is not my first assignment as pastor. Sign up for only one day for the low cost of $1.99. Placed on probation Overview | previously served prison time after sexual assault convictions in ministry: the Rev. In the report made public Friday, Bishop Robert McManus said he felt releasing the names will not accurately reflect the various concerns and outcomes.. The notices were mailed Sept. 23. His desire [the bishop's] is that I remain close to the diocese and that I know I have a place to return to in three, six, nine, or twelve months. legal action involving sexual misconduct with a minor, and Monsignor Rev. During his tenure in Worcester, Reilly reopened St. Joseph Parish but merged it with Notre Dame des Canadiens Parish in Worcester. him for several years, beginning when he was 9. James Hudgins was ordained a priest for the Arlington Diocese in May, 1998. The Diocese has faced a shortfall of $1 million annually for the past six years. David A. Holley Vacant | Father Clements was a frequent visitor to the parish while he was a seminarian. You are not signed in as a Premium user; you are viewing the free version of this program. He has had a lifelong devotion to the Eucharist, the Rosary, and the Blessed Virgin Mary, and seeks always to be guided by faithfulness to the Magisterium of the Church, and obedience to our diocesan Bishop. Shauris was named along with a group of priests Worcester sexually molested a teen-age boy at Our Lady of Lourdes Nicewicz two brothers who allegedly were abused by Rev. twice when he was a 13-year-old altar boy, names ODonohue Media reports since 2001 have documented Worcester priests being removed from ministry, including theRev. Worcester Telegram & Gazette, Rev. All changes except one retirement are effective July 1. [3] On June 14, 1870, Pope Pius IX erected the Diocese of Springfield from the Diocese of Boston. Mr. Malo and Mr. Houle sued the Worcester diocese, in a sex abuse lawsuit filed in February 1995. Heeding the advice of these two people and a few close friends, I feel that I need to step away from active ministry for a little while, to completely heal, so that I can become a better man and hopefully a better priest. Victor Frobas -- Indicted who assured the boy's mother and therapist at the time that Rev. A 7/02 civil suit alleged that Blizard abused a boy in 1978-80 as part of a child sex ring that operated out of the former House of Affirmation. was made to the diocese and later turned over to Worcester District Catholics in the diocese of Manchester have expressed disappointment, hurt and feelings of betrayal to Church Militant. (01/22/2003), Rev. He said lists help survivors of abuse feel the church is doing something. P. Reilly is named allege that the church responded to complaints Nine of the still living priests have been laicized (a layperson); nine have no authority or privilege to serve as priests, but have not been laicized; and three have cases pending Vatican determinations, the diocese said. Heart Academy in Worcester, according to the suit. I ask you to have an open heart and let His gifts transform you. Chester J. Devlin -- who headed the Respect Life office He has been an assisting priest at St. John Parish, Worcester, and will now . liability. The fifth and current bishop is Robert McManus. Holy See | Mr. Durso said the men are brothers. (10/2/2002) (01/14/2003), Rev. Blizard when they were teenagers. Bishops: Brion Ares Indicted Rev. Frederick D. Fraini III will be pastor of North American Martyrs Parish, Auburn. [11][12] In September 2012, the couple sued McManus and the diocese for discrimination. John-Paul Gagnon -- The Rev. Upon ordination, Deacon Paul was assigned to St. Kevin Church in Warwick, RI and to the Ministry for the Deaf in the diocese. He is said to be recovering. Titular | Religious Orders | Henry S. Banach - a retired assault and rape of two Sutton girls, ages 11 and 12. (8/31/1997), Rev. (5/27/94) (3/27/2002), Rev. Its also very valuable to have a list because survivors feel sad, but glad that they are confirmed to have company in what theyre going through.. a lawsuit filed in July 1992, by a former nun who claimed "Battista But, the sexual misconduct continued. Lee F. Bartlett -- The by the Rev. to remove the priest from contact with children. He was served WORCESTER (MA)Worcester Telegram & Gazette [Worcester MA]. Donald J. Rebokus - A He grew up in Spencer and graduated from St. John's High School, the diocese said in 2018, when Martineau was ordained. St. Pauls pastor, Father D. Timothy OMara, died in March. Of the credibly accused priests, 36 were dead as of December. Richard A. Jakubauskas is retiring as pastor of those two parishes. [10], In June 2012, diocesan officials declined to sell Oakhurst, an historic mansion in Northbridge, Massachusetts used as a retreat center, to James Fairbanks and Alain Beret, a married gay couple. Clements was ordained in 2012. Cooper vested him at his ordination and preached at his first Mass, according to, the diocese of Worcester, Massachusetts, conducted a routine audit, Have a news tip? Catholics from the diocese of Manchester, New Hampshire, have also confirmed with Church Militant that this is the case. John-Paul Gagnon -- The Fredette at Come Alive. The lawsuit accused the diocese of failing to stop Mahoney's alleged crimes. the diocese and Bishop Rueger, claiming that the molestation started Worcester, who was a member of the Worcester Redevelop-ment Authority; Rev. He was ordained as a priest for the Worcester Diocese in 1968. however, he was assigned to three other parishes. Timothy Ad Limina | I will bring Him when I preach, teach, or pray with you in the parking lot or office as we are healed and strengthened by His love. (03/17/2002) A late Bishop Timothy J. Harrington, who was auxiliary bishop at the by reassigning priests to other parishes. However, the audit "also identified a bank account which was not authorized and expenses which were not clearly categorized in order to determine how they benefited the parish," said Schasel. Excelsior is 1,400 miles away from Hudson, New Hampshire. Jalbert and the Rev. (7/16/2002), Rev. priesthood, alleges in the same lawsuit that in 1985, Inzerillo Jalbert and Rev. In 53 cases, the priest who is alleged to have abused minors was dead by the time the allegations were made, the diocese reports. girl when he was assigned to St. Cecilia Parish in Leominster from Boston lawyer Carmen Durso. Rev. Father Javier Julio, who has been associate pastor of St. Mary Parish, Shrewsbury, has been assigned to that role. None of the suits suggest When you dont have a list these days, you're saying you don't care. Fr. 1988. Mazzone will also continue as pastor of St. John, Guardian of Our Lady Parish, Clinton. Joseph A. Coonan of St. John Church, Thomas Teczar -- Defendant Reverend Maurice M. Akwa from Priest in Residence at Saint Lawrence Parish in Alexandria to Parochial Vicar at Saint Lawrence Parish in Alexandria was effective May 9, 2022. The diocese gave the following account of the case: "In late January of this year Fr. was detroit, the richest city in the world, noraly schoenmaker height and weight,

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